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Florencia Passera is a certificated public accountant and holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Business Administration (MBA) at Universidad ORT Uruguay.


She has more than 6 years developing in Corporation, Accounting and Tax Services. Her practice included accounting advice, taxation, payroll and corporate advice for corporation established in Uruguay (with activities both in national territory and abroad). Within the Tax Services, her practice included tax advice for corporations established in Uruguay.


For over 5 years she has developed as financial controller and she is currently Chief Financial Officer of BP Tax, where she is responsible for financial and accounting management, management control, collections, planning, and the balance sheet service for our clients.


She is a member of “Colegio de Contadores, Economistas y Administradores del Uruguay”.


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Bruno Peixoto is a lawyer, graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul), with a master’s degree in Integration and International Trade Law from the University of Montevidéu.


During his professional career, he has worked for several years in the tax department of one of the most important and prestigious law offices of Brazil, serving large national and international companies in local and international requests in the field.


After moving abroad due to academic purposes, he joined one of the great international offices of audit and consultancy for five years, reaching the position of partner responsible for the legal and international tax planning area for Brazilian clients.


During this period, he has advised and constantly advises great financial institutions, Family Offices and law firms from different jurisdictions, and their respective clients, to issues relating to international tax planning.


Carlos André
Lopes da Costa

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Carlos André has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Universidade Cândido Mendes (Cândido Mendes University) and a MBA in International Tax Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Getúlio Vargas Foundation). He began his career at Arthur Andersen in 1998, in the Tax division of the Rio de Janeiro office. His professional experience in this company included the development of tax and financial consulting projects in direct taxes and international taxation fields.

In June 2002, he joined the Tax Consulting division of Deloitte's Rio de Janeiro office. His professional activities included: tax planning (national and international), corporate, foreign investments and succession planning reorganization.


In October 2012, he was invited to take the position of CFO at LM Wind Power do Brasil. He was directly responsible for the initial project until the beginning of the Society's operations. In addition to the financial, tax and accounting fields, he was responsible for the human resources, strategic purchasing and information technology fieds.


In December 2015, he was was invited to take the position of CFO at Suzlon Brasil and Suzlon Uruguay. His main objectives included the development of tax strategies that would reduce the taxation levied on Suzlon's operations in Brazil; management of accounting, financial and tax fields and the renegotiation of tax liabilities with the Federal, State and Municipal Internal Revenues.


He is currently a Partner at BP Tax Global Advisory, being responsible for the São Paulo office. His professional activities include, among others: supervision and coordination of international tax and succession planning, assistance for global families and international companies, establishment of investment funds for individuals and institutional investors and preparation of financial statements under international standards.

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Rodrigo Alcalde has a degree in Law from the Law School from Universiade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo) (1998). He is a specialist in Tax Law from PUC/COGEAE, he has a graduate degree in Applied Tax Law from São Paulo Law School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Tax Planning, Management and Coordination from PEC-FGV/SP, and he is a Master’s degree student in Financial Law from the Law School of Universidade de São Paulo.


He has worked as tax manager at Philips do Brasil (2006-2007); Campilongo Advogados (1999-2005), Pereira Neto e Macedo Advogados (2007-2010), Ferraz de Camargos Advogados (2010-2013) and he was a Tax Partner in Chediak, Lopes da Costa, Cristofaro e Simões Advogados (2013-2020).


He is currently Chief of Legal Officer (CLO) at BPtax.


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Pablo Milburn specialized in foreign trade from a young age working with his grandfather. He developed a global mindset, which would be improved later, when he started working with his father at a soft drink bottling company, where he was faced with the challenges of database and information management.

When technology began to help solve business issues, Pablo decided to open, in 1989, his own Information Technology services company with the support of his family.

Each of his projects was initiated by a pragmatic view that was translated into consistent processes and flows. His execution orientation makes Pablo a person of great impact in the organizations he manages, by implementing robust systems that guarantee the delivery of results.

Since March 2022, Pablo has been responsible for the digital transformation of BPtax in charge of the Operations Sector, where he leads the Technology and Customer Experience teams.


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Jorge Milburn studied Economic Sciences and Business Administration at the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay. He started his career in the Foreign Trade area, specializing in the tax area of ​​several jurisdictions, with a very specific understanding of the needs and requirements of Uruguayans and Brazilians.

With more than forty years in the business world, he has held several leadership roles in leading companies, both in the industrial and service sectors. He has also participated on the board of directors of several companies.

He is currently a Partner at BP Tax Global Advisory, being responsible for the Nassau office, managing our operations in the Bahamas.

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